About Us



Our team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing access to innovative investment opportunities.  The team is comprised of seasoned and dedicated portfolio managers, strategists and analysts, as well as the operator of a mobile messaging company, who have over 70 years of combined experience, including trading and strategy for major hedge funds.

Often, more than one area of expertise is required with international investments. With our firm, there’s no need to hire a multitude of investment managers, as our team collectively possesses a vast array of business connections and experience in every relevant industry.



01.Investing in Innovation

As an investor, co-investor or in syndication, we seek businesses which have:

    ⮞  Ambitious entrepreneurs as founders,

    ⮞  Clear business objectives,

    ⮞  A compelling business proposition,

    ⮞  The capacity to deliver attractive financial returns,

    ⮞  The high potential to achieve an exit, and,

    ⮞  The ability to bring about positive social impact

Through our participation with investee companies, we aim to create role models of entrepreneurship, jobs and economic dynamism.

02.Building Value

Emerging Star Capital, LLC operates as an extension of the entrepreneurs' network, bringing access to powerful and influential corporate leaders for market access, increased customer traction and product road-map validation.  Our team will add value in both strategy (assessing and refining execution strategy, legal strategy, training) and and corporate development (branding, recruitment, on-boarding of strategic partners).

03.Exiting Profitably

As the businesses we invest in grow in both size and industry reputation, our team works diligently in identifying potential investors for additional rounds of fundraising, and ultimately finding a buyer for an exit.  This process involves identifying corporate synergy with potential buyers, introducing M&A brokers and negotiating a sale of a portfolio company to a strategic buyer.



Robert is an inventor, mobile & digital health expert, serial entrepreneur, and author.  He is currently the CEO of Transclick, a real-time translation service with over 14 million digital client downloads.  He has over 25 years of senior level Wall Street & Technology experience, and has raised $150 million for funds and technology companies. 

Robert has expertise in applying innovation in machine learning (AI) to finance and other enterprise verticals, macro-economics applied to global asset allocation, alternative beta strategies, hedging portfolio risk, as well as private equity/VC in emerging technologies including cybersecurity, Blockchain and artificial intelligence.


He is an inventor, best-selling author, public speaker and holds one issued US patent. He is also a strategist in global macro, emerging markets and technology investments. He was trained at Salomon Brothers and was a top strategist for 2 hedge funds, reporting to Paul Tudor Jones at Tudor and Louis Bacon at Moore Global.

Robert is a Tech Laureate of the Tech Museum of Innovation and has won the Gold Edison Award for Innovation in mobile apps, is a member of the AlwaysOn Mobile 100 (top 100 mobile companies) and the AlwaysOn Global 250.

He is a thought leader in global innovation, and the author of the first biography of President Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton: The Inside Story, and Democratic Blueprints: National Leaders Chart America’s Future.

He was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance at the Columbia Business School teaching global investment strategy and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Economy at Columbia University. He has a Masters in International Affairs from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and an MBA in Finance from the Stern School of Business.